Here is what customers have to say about the work done at Singing Tree Guitars and T Martinez. if you had work done by T Martinez we would like to hear from you and if you need work call

I found a 1960’s cheapo Kay Bass and we stripped it to bare wood and refinished it then added some really nice bass electronics, from pick-ups to new tuning gears. Total restoration and a custom fret board with some added touches to the controls. It sounds more like a 500.00 bass than the old 50.00 bass sold in Sears Roebuck back in the day. I would actually gig with this bass after Singing Tree Guitars finished with it. See it on the gallery page.

Tony did an excellent job fixing and stabilizing the neck of my custom made banjo not just once, but twice. The final fix included Tony artistically using 2 wood screws to secure and stabilize the neck seeing that other repair persons, before him, had destroyed most of the internal wood of the neck needed for proper stabilization.

Tony did a great job and the price was nearly perfect.

I recommend him to any and all musicians who need their instrument fixed right, with no strings attached.
Greg F